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mammograms for breast cancer

Violet is a 59 year old Macedonian woman who currently resides in Los Angeles.

She is married and a mother of three adult children. She has a long history of serious health issues which resulted in surgeries including a hysterectomy, removal of her parathyroid and, most recently, surgery to correct an aneurysm.

Violet enjoyed good insurance benefits through her husband’s job as an electrician, but once he was laid off she lost coverage and with that a medical home.  Although her children provided financial assistance to cover basic medical needs, the costs for a much needed procedure to correct an aneurysm was beyond their means.  Violet had not choice but to return to Macedonia for a less expensive surgery.  Violet and her husband went two years without proper medical attention because they were uninsured.  They knew that her history of medical conditions required continued medical attention.  Luckily, their daughter Vicky learned of Venice Family Clinic and wasted no time to make an appointment.

During Violet’s full physical, the doctor discovered she had not had a mammogram in over three years and was referred to the Clinic’s monthly mobile mammography unit.  On the day of her mammogram appointment, the program coordinator asked her how she felt.  The coordinator was surprised to learn Violet was happy – and unusual response to a typically uncomfortable situation.

Violet explained that she was “happy that after years of anxiety about my health and uninsured status, I finally found a place that will take care of her, no matter what.”