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I’ve learned a lot in my 50 years. (Many things the hard way.) What I didn’t learn, cancer taught me. In fact, I believe it has probably been the biggest lesson of all. We all work because it’s how we survive. Unfortunately we lose sight along the way of the things that bring us joy because we end up buying homes and cars and STUFF that we then end up having to work more to pay for. In the end work pretty much owns us 😔

When we aren’t working, we are trying to catch up on household duties or yard work, or trying to relax before we have to do it all over again when Monday gets here. The cycle continues as we try to climb the corporate ladder of success and we watch our money and our stress grow. In the end we retire…most of the time pretty much too tired to do all of the things we wished we could have done when we were in our 20,30,40, and 50’s ..but we were WORKING!! Today I sit on Virginia Beach, blessed by someone who donated a week of their timeshare to me because I survived breast cancer. I was supported by the most wonderful people at this organization who not only helped me financially ….but were kind and understanding to me when I thought my world as falling apart. I am reminded of the kindness of people in this world that still exist even though tragedies and terrorism are in the USA now. I am reminded that even though I still have some physical limitations, I have my health and it’s GOOD, at least for now 🙏🏻 I have an amazing family who always supports me no matter what. I don’t know what my future holds health wise, but I know after this last health scare that if I find something out 5 years down the road and it’s something bad…I don’t want to have spent those 5 years with corporate breathing down my back or someone screaming quotas and deadlines at me. I would rather spend it living life and making memories. I don’t need my big house anymore with Maddie leaving for college soon. I want to sell it and get something small. It’s funny how life changes you. You work so hard to have things….and in the end I don’t really want “things” at all. I want to experience things. Today I am grateful for this opportunity and this beautiful Virginia Beach and for the opportunity to have been able to spend a few days exploring VA with one of my dearest friends who supported me so much during my journey. Thank you again for giving me this opportunity …I am blessed !