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donate for mammograms

I wanted to take a moment today to say thank you for the grant I receive. I am a single mom battling stage IV metastatic breast cancer. It’s hard enough to scrape up the money for all of the medical bills, living expenses, and other bills that always seem to pop up, but having a child makes it much harder.

Through my Individual Grant, I am able to receive reimbursement for my travel and prescription costs.  Without this reimbursement, many months I would be struggling to get the much needed medicines to help offset the chemotherapy side effects.

I am extremely grateful for the assistance as it helps to free up monies needed elsewhere. I am also extremely grateful for the way that I am treated.  I am not looked down upon, or looked at as “that poor cancer patient.”   I am treated kindly, with respect and in the end that goes a long way to help me feel better.

Thank you for all your organization does.