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Dear UBCF,



In January of 2014, a mass in my right breast was diagnosed as breast cancer. As you know breast cancer is very stressful and costly. Having my first surgery in January in Ukiah Medical. My insurance changed to Covered California the 1st of February, leaving me with   two deductibles and two out of pocket expenses.

Not knowing how I was going to be able to pay for another surgery, chemo and radiation. I also had a pet scan, a port surgery for chemo all of which were very expensive. A few weeks had gone by, when a co-worker had got a call from UBCF asking for a donation. Denise my friend told Jennifer she knew a friend who had breast cancer, and asked if UBCF would be able to help. I called the UBCF and paperwork was sent right away. UBCF grant will not only help me financially, but also help feel better knowing UBCF cares about me. Which really helps the healing of cancer patients. Thank you so much for the grant. I will comply with all terms and conditions of the agreement.