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As an Integrative Health Nurse and a person dealing with metastatic breast cancer, I am regularly searching for information that will be helpful in my survival.  Finding ways to support my health to prevent yet another recurrence is an ongoing endeavor. Detecting a recurrence at an early point has become problematic as I have no tumor markers – blood
indicators of the resurgence of disease and CT scan, MRIs and PET scans have failed to pick up what my hands can feel.  As a result of my searching and consulting with many people I was led to the use of thermography for the early detection of inflammatory changes.

On one particular day I serendipitously found both that a mobile unit was comingto my town in less than 48 hrs and of the services of the United Breast Cancer Foundation which had funds to pay for thermography, something my Medicare would not cover.  And unfortunately, the long term effects of my cancer treatment do not permit me to work enough to be able to afford the exam.

I called the United Breast Cancer Foundation and received incredibly fast action from Ann  who obtained authorization for payment in less than a day! The United Breast Cancer Foundation is providing an invaluable service to those who cannot afford mammography, breast MRI and thermographic surveillance.

Again, Thank you so very much for your compassion and responsiveness!