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Dear United Breast Cancer Foundation,
I am writing this testimonial to show my gratitude for your assistance in helping me follow my dream.

I am a single mom and recent breast cancer survivor. After going through several surgeries and treatments the past couple of years, I realized I wanted to be able to help others diagnosed with cancer, having been through it myself.

My vision was to go back to school and study Health and Wellness, which would allow me to do just that. My vision, however, came with a price. I would need to move to a new city, since that program was not offered at my local college. I applied to the college that offered the program and was accepted. I applied and was approved for loans and grants within that college, but having been unemployed and never receiving child support, I was unsure how I would be able to make additional ends meet. I soon had an appointment with my Oncologist where I mentioned my dream and my dilemma. She was excited about the prospect of me furthering my education to assist others struggling with cancer, and suggested I look into various grant resources, among them UBCF. I am forever grateful that I did!

UBCF will be assisting me with my rent for the next two months. They will also be assisting me with school supplies, etc., for my son. The UBCF assistance will be a huge help and will allow me to do what I didn’t think possible. Thank you UBCF!