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June 2014



My name is Charlotte. Diagnosis was made in March of 2013, Invasive Ductal Cancer, Stage IIA, with ER{-), PR{-), Her 2 Neu {-). At the time of my diagnosis my income was a part time job and a Social Security disability. I quit my part time job. This put a strain on my budget with everyday living expenses.

As the treatments began medical bills for Chemo Therapy, double mastectomy/9 lymph nodes removed, 33 radiation treatments and another round of Taxol chemo. Medicare paid their part of my medical bills but I was still left with co­ pays for three doctors, my part of the radiation, $360.00 to the hospital when I had surgery. I am still in treatment.

The grant that United Breast Cancer Foundation approved is a God send. I owe a large amount to my radiation oncologist {Oncology Consultants). To have this bill paid by the grant will take away some of the stress. I like to have all my bills paid.

Thank you to everyone at United Breast Cancer Foundation for the review of my application. To have this awarded to me is an honor. When I am through with my treatment, I plan to pay it forward, help other Breast Cancer patients.