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Hi everyone out there, I hope you are doing great because I am, and let me tell you why. I’m so happy to be able to tell my story to you on how great the people are at UBCF or have been to me. Let me start out by explaining how I got sick in 2011 right after my big 5-0 birthday. O.K. I got swelling in my right breast, hurt real bad, I went to the emergency room, they did an ultrasound found a mass, told me to get a mammogram done to see what it may be and naturally I ‘m broke and poor, so my sister contacted UBCF and low and behold they paid for it. Guess what the mass disappeared can’t find anything with a mamo or an ultrasound.

So, I go on in life thinking I’m OK, but in 2012 around September my right breast has the same problem, so I go through the same procedures, but now I have to have a biopsy done which comes back as Stage 2 breast cancer. I’m not upset I told the doctor because I still feel like I can go outside and chop down an entire tree, plus I know many breast cancer survivors even one who is 95 years old and she had problems 44 years ago.

But enough about me, here is the great news about the people at UBCF. I’m sitting here trying to pay bills that wont go away. I’m a caregiver for my Aunt and I live off her money since I take care of her, yes two broke old golden girls. So I get this email from UBCF about a cancer patient that is so grateful that they helped with some of her bills and I go “Wow”, let me see if they will help me and sure enough they are going to give a grant for $500 towards my electric bill. $500 may not seem like much to many people, but if you could have heard me screaming you would have thought that I won the Powerball Lottery.

Thank you Jennifer Spina and UBCF when I get through everything I’m going to assist this foundation anyway I can from now on or until I can say I’m a 44 year survivor. Thanks Anita!!!!!!!!!!!!