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Pink, pink everywhere! Through the double doors of St. Johnland’s Nursing Home staff and residents prepared for their first Walk Against Breast Cancer fundraiser on Friday, October 21st. Appropriately dressed in pink, Carolyn O’Brien, Event Coordinator, strides into the residential halls where a bake sale and raffle were underway. Homemade inspired pink cupcakes, cookies, chocolate and much more were lined across a table, accompanied by a smiling pink, glittery spider. After being introduced to eager volunteers and staff, I was taken to my UBCF table outside, where the walk would soon commence.

Hank Williams’ “Hey Good Lookin” could be heard on the guitar from long-time volunteer, Mark Negron. Excited residents in wheelchairs were escorted outside by volunteers and staff for the start of the walk. Singing along with the music in their pink paraphernalia, including UBCF sunglasses, residents waved and smiled as they were wheeled around the parking lot. It felt like a pink parade!

As the walk came to a close everyone gathered inside for refreshments of pink lemonade and strawberry sherbet. While I spanned across the refreshment area videotaping and snapping pictures, I could feel the joy and happiness that filled the room along with a strong sense of accomplishment. Even small efforts can create hope and support for those who struggle with breast cancer.

This October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, take a moment and help bring awareness just like St. Johnland’s nursing home did. Thank you to Carolyn O’Brien and the wonderful staff, volunteers and residents for inviting UBCF and donating 100% of the proceeds raised that day to the UBCF Individual Grant program, which provides personalized grants to families affected by breast cancer.


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