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The impact of Venice Family Clinic’s Breast Cancer Screening and Detection Program is best demonstrated through stories like that of Denise, a young part-time student and part-time barista.  When Denise came to Venice Family Clinic for her annual physical last year, she never imagined the doctor would find a small lump in her breast.  Although her initial reaction was shock and fear, the doctor comforted her, and assured her that she would receive the care she needed. He also reminded Denise that she had been very responsible in that she always made sure to have an annual physical, despite lacking health insurance, and, consequently, the lump was most likely detected in a very early state.  She was referred to a local community partner for further diagnostic services, where she received a fine needle biopsy.
Denise was relieved to hear the news that the lump was benign, and that she did not have cancer.  Today, she has returned to Venice Family Clinic for her first annual mammogram screening. Denise shared her experience with the coordinator and added “I know my risk and I am going to take care of myself and make sure I catch it early, if it ever happens. I don’t think I would have been able to go through this without the Clinic’s help.”