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UBCF Testimonial

I am writing to let you know that my appointment for Breast Thermography
for Sept. 25th with Dr. Carla Garcia has been completed. She was warm,
caring and put me at ease. I am so glad I
learned about thermography and most grateful that I learned about your
wonderful foundation and the support it offers very low income women.
I am most relieved that I didn’t, yet, anyway, have to add the
radiation of X-ray or have my breasts squeezed so tight between plates
that they were sore for 5 days, either of which could exacerbate the
problem. This is what happened the last time I had a mammogram.
Thermography is totally gentle and noninvasive.

Once again, I can’t thank you enough for this caring, loving support. It
is people like you and everyone at United Breast Cancer Foundation that
give hope to women when the fear of such serious health failure so
compromises their peace of mind that they feel they might go insane with
worry over an unknown and altogether scary future. Folks like you and
the Foundation give back to us the knowing that there are compassionate
and caring people in the world–people out there who lend a hand when
one most needs it. No matter what the scanning results, this knowledge
is so valuable, so helpful, that no price can be put on it. Once a woman
is faced with symptoms that bring great concern, the sooner she is able
to have it checked out, the better, as fear and uncertainty only
diminish her health and strength. Apparently the United Breast Cancer
Foundation realizes this, as you said, “UBCF’s Free Breast Screening
Program is a great opportunity for uninsured, under-insured & low-income
women to receive a Free or Low Cost breast screening that Every Woman is
entitled to.” I want somehow to spread this word of your caring and
support to all the women who desperately need it and to all the women
who can reach out with support for the UBCF so you can continue this
good work