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Dear UBCF,

I am writing to thank you for your emotional and financial support in helping me cope with being a cancer patient.  Eleven years ago I was treated for Stage II breast cancer with chemo and radiation.  I found the lumps, years before, but was told it was a cyst, the mammogram was ignored and it was never biopsied.  Last year I was 10 yrs cancer free.  I never imagined that the original cancer could still be in my body and resurface in my bones.  I had been having severe back and leg pain.  The results of the tests were stage IV metastatic breast and bone cancer.

My daughter was 9 the first time we dealt with my surviving cancer and now she is 20 and in college.  It seems our adversities have given her strength of compassion and achievement and I am so proud of her.  Raising her as a single parent and sole provider we have gone through a lot together, dealing with my health issues.  This current diagnosis, I was having insurance issues which needed to be straightened out to pay the high cost of my treatment that were beginning.  It’s difficult enough to be dealing with cancer but having to be your own advocate as well is quite exhausting.  Many of the organizations I had contacted for financial aid had a lot of paperwork and no results or very little.

When I contacted the United Breast Cancer Foundation, I spoke to Jennifer Spina.  Her sincere concern and response were amazing.  She made it so easy to apply and she was with me every step in the process of the application.  To my surprise the very generous grant you sent me covered my wigs and medical insurance providers.  I am doing well with my treatments and I am glad that we continue to stay in touch.  I would like to encourage anyone who reads this to raise funds for UBCF.  Many organizations funds go towards running the organization and not the cancer patients.  United Breast Cancer Foundation puts the money into the lives of the patients.  Jennifer, I want to personally thank you for being part of my journey as a cancer survivor.



Roberta M