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mammograms for breast cancer

I am 42 years old and last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time.  I am divorced and the hospital bills were rolling in.  Due to complications, I had six surgeries this past year and insurance, unfortunately does not cover a lot of the cost.  I was unable to work for over a two month period which financially put me behind in all of my bills (Doctor, living expenses, health insurance, car payment, medical supplies, etc.).  After all of that with continued bills, I was laid off from work when I was to return.  Breast Cancer Options in NY referred me to the United Breast Cancer Foundation.  Without UBCF I would have lost my home and/or would have had to claim bankruptcy.  Words cannot express my gratitude to the UBCF.  I was also feeling extremely depressed about my physical appearance after having double mastectomy and I was depressed with having to deal with all the financial hardship on top of everything.

Thank you so much for helping to saving me.