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I would love to thank the wonderful staff at the United Breast Cancer Foundation for honoring my family with a grant through their Child Sponsorship Program.  Upon hearing of my breast cancer diagnosis only a month after my husband lost his job following a debilitating back injury, the thought of how we were going to survive financially did not enter our minds. With two children, we knew eventually we would have to take the uncertain and humbling step of asking for assistance.

After learning of this Foundation through some general browsing of miscellaneous websites, I decided to write to them to ascertain if I would be eligible for any of their programs.  I received a phone call immediately from Ms. Mastroianni and then a follow-up phone call a day later from Jennifer Spina.

The staff at this Foundation are amazing…not only do they sincerely want to know your story on a personal level, but they truly want to be able to help in any way possible.  They actually listened to my entire story from the date of my initial diagnosis to the beginning of my chemo and through my first surgery.  They were sympathetic, kind and caring and just unloading some of the feelings of trauma and frustration I had been feeling these several months was such a relief as well as a comfort.

This Child Sponsorship Program will enable me to ensure that my two boys, ages 4 and 8, will be able to have all the supplies they need for school and healthy, nutritious food on the table.  This Foundation has provided an invaluable and priceless service to women diagnosed with breast cancer who find themselves at an impasse, both financially and emotionally.

I am so thankful to be a lucky recipient of those services and am looking forward to the future, during which I will be able to pay it forward.  Thank you….sincerely…from the bottom of my heart.


Nicole, age 42