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Nicole Boisvert family 2014

“How has the UBCF helped our family?  Let me count the ways!! When I received my diagnosis of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in June 2013, I just remember thinking about how I would tell my husband, my two young boys, my entire family.  At that moment, I never thought about how our finances would be negatively impacted and didn’t think about that aspect of my diagnosis until long after I had overcome the shock of the news.  We were very well supported, both financially and emotionally during the first several months, but after the holidays came and went, we had no idea how we were going to pay for groceries, let alone a monthly mortgage payment.  UBCF has been absolutely invaluable to our family, in that they have allowed us to regain our peace of mind and retain our home in a dignified fashion. Upon my initial request for assistance, I immediately received a phone call from Stephanie Mastroianni informing me that they had programs available to help myself and my family during this difficult time.  She also told me that Jennifer Spina, Lead Program Manager, would be in touch in a couple of days to discuss those programs in more detail. True to their word, Ms. Spina called me and asked to hear my story from beginning to end.  I knew right there that I had been blessed with the chance to obtain assistance from a caring and compassionate agency.  Once our family was approved for assistance in the Individual Grant program, we breathed an extended sigh of relief as we feel this agency had saved us from imminent foreclosure.  Words cannot actually begin to describe how grateful we are for the assistance provided by the wonderful staff at the UBCF.  Thank you!!