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I have been assisted by UBCF with an Individual Grant that helped me continue my quality of life giving alternative protocols.  The result has been a profound level of wellness and life extension.

My experience with UBCF has been almost solely my relationship with Jennifer Spina, who has assisted me and encouraged me as well as answered all my questions, about the paperwork necessary to fulfill my requirements for the grant.

I have become better on my chosen protocols over the time of my grant and since then I have benefitted particularly from the ability to continue my protocols consistently without interruption over the grant period.  Though I now have had to discontinue some therapies and protocols as I have no grants presently, I do have in place a skeletal program am consistently using an electro therapy (home remedy).

Without the UBCF grant which I learned about from Hope Nemeroff of Breast Cancer Options.  I would not have been able to support my level of wellness that I have experienced (despite my dire prognosis).