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Lois Breast Cancer Donations

The United Breast Cancer Foundation turned my life from panic to hope.   Before your help, I had no idea how my bills would get paid, while I was recovering from surgery.   I was in a constant state of panic.   It kept going through my mind that I would lose my place to live and my car and have to start over.   Sleep was a stranger to me and I was becoming depressed.   Finally, I talked to Beth Heim.   She was so kind.

Because of the generosity of the UBCF, I managed to keep everything.   I can’t thank UBCF enough.   It gave me hope and peace of mind.   This is one of the best things anyone has ever done for me.    There is no question in my mind that many are as grateful as me and that they do not have enough wonderful things to say about UBCF.

Thank you, UBCF for everything!   God Bless You and the wonderful help you provide for so many.