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I first learned how I had cancer by hearing the story of Jacob in Gen. in the bible.  I heard that story 3 times in three days.  So on Sunday night after church I told my son who was 14 at the time that God is trying to tell me something, but I don’t know what.  As soon as I got those words out of my mouth, for some reason I placed my thumb on my right breast, right on the lump.  I gasped to myself I have a lump there, said nothing to my son that night.  I went to sleep and slept very peacefully.  I knew that it was God who was getting my attention, by me hearing the story of Jacob.

The next day I made an appointment with my primary care physician and late that week she set me up for a mammogram at Sentral Norfolk General Hospital.  Everyone was so nice to me throughout my ordeal and my patient navigator, Glenda Philman and Faye Euphraise.  Alone with my doctor helping me every step of the way, throughout such a trying time I came to realize how blessed I am and this has been a fight for my life.  It has also humbled me to more compassion for people and to live a more Godly life.  I thank God for life today, I thank God for all the help I received and I thank God for the UBCF who supports every aspect of cancer from the hospitals to my home.  Thank you so much!

I found out about UBCF through Faye Euphraise and Glenda Philman through this whole ordeal was a God send.  I was treated so well.  Everyone treated me so warmly that I was overwhelmed.  I cried a lot because I didn’t know that people still could show so much compassion.  All I had to do was show up for treatment and everyone else took care of everything.  My daughter, Shareen was by my side the whole time.  When Fay and Glenda told Shareen about UBCF, Faye gave Shareen the application.  Shareen was in contact with Ms. Spina and she always returned calls and that was very comforting which made our life easier.  She was very helpful and informative throughout the whole process.

UBCF was very helpful in meeting my needs.  My bills were piling up and Ms. Spina was very patient and very informative.  UBCF was very generous in helping me with my rent, Vecpo and they also assisted with some of my medical bills.  I was so happy the UBCF is truly is a blessing for many people and I thank God for all the people who support the UBCF.  To know that there is help and hope, it brings such peace to my heart.  Thank you once again.