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Lois Breast Cancer Donations

My name is Lois
The company I work for does not provide insurance and I could not find any that I could afford so I went without for almost 2 years. When Massachusetts passed the law that we have to have insurance or be penalized, I had to get the cheapest I could find. The plan did not cover breast screenings, so I did mot have one for over 3 years. I was getting worried because my mother died of breast cancer and I was 59 years old and a smoker, which made me a higher risk.

I have always donated to the United Breast Cancer Foundation and when the representative called this year I told him that I couldn’t afford to give this year because I was trying to get my own screening done. He proceeded to tell me that UBCF could help by paying for my screening. I told him that they probably wouldn’t because I was working. He said that did not make a difference —  if I didn’t have insurance to cover it UBCF would cover it.

He gave me the website and I filled out the application. Within 4 days I received an email that I was accepted and to make my appointment.

Everything happened quickly and without a hitch. Within a couple of weeks my screening was done and everything seems to be fine. That has taken a lot of worry away.

I am very grateful to UBCF!!!

I have since then joined an insurance company that does cover breast screenings.

Hopefully I will not need UBCF’s assistance again, but be assured that UBCF is on the top of my list for donations.

Please continue your good work.