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I would like to take the time to especially thank everyone at the United Breast Cancer Foundation.  The assistance has given me great help to overcome my financial burdens.  I am a woman living with breast cancer that was recently evicted from where I was living, on March 8, 2011.  I had to have another surgery due to complications from the breast cancer medications that I am taking.  This was unexpected for me.  It took me longer than I had expected to recover and was unable to bounce right back to work.  I was without work for 3-4 weeks.  This meant that I was getting behind on my bills very easily.  I was able to stay with family and friends for a few weeks after the eviction.  I had to put all of my possessions into a storage unit until I was back on my feet.  I found that it was very hard to find any reasonable living quarters (walking distance to Drs. appointments, pharmacy, laundry and groceries and to be able to be on the bus line).  I had to sell my car for money for my living expenses.  I have been struggling and it has put a tremendous stress on my body and soul!  At this time in my illness I do not need this extra stress.  I need to heal and time to recover and get back on my feet.  I have gone to a few local agencies in the Hudson Valley for help.  I was able to get food stamps and they helped me to find a one room studio apartment to rent.  My problem was I needed to get together 2 ½ months worth of money to secure the apartment.  That is where the UBCF became my savior.  I was awarded a grant that will help me to get the apartment.  I am so very grateful for all that UBCF has done for me at my moment of need!  I hope to find more employment now that I am at a good location and hope to get my belongings out of storage and start a new life.   I especially thank my angel Jennifer Spina!  She was a great inspiration to me and she never gave up on helping me with everything along the way!



Laurie D