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I’ve been scheduling mammograms regularly since age 40 because my mom died of breast cancer when she was 57 years old. I am now 61.

A few days after a mammogram last year, I received a call to return for a second test because of dense tissue. At this visit, a mammogram and an ultrasound were performed. The assessment noted “probably benign findings” with the estimated risk of malignancy less than 2%. It was recommended that I return every six months over the course of the next two years.

I did not want to have three mammograms in one year/ six in two years!

I had heard about breast thermography during a naturopath appointment and from a breast cancer prevention/treatment doctor, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers. The naturopath mentioned the possibility of getting financial assistance from UBC Foundation for my situation. Since thermography is not covered by my insurance, this was a great encouragement towards making an appointment. I now have a baseline for further tests and received practical advice for breast cancer prevention.

I’m very appreciative of the support I received from UBCF and was so encouraged to know their foundation exists for those who need a helping hand.

Thank you so much!