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In 2007, when Karen lost her job and her husband’s business was decimated by a tornado, she turned to UBCF to help pay for routine breast screenings. UBCF is honored to aid under-insured and uninsured women like Karen and to do our part to make certain that EVERY WOMAN has equal access to health care.

Karen’s Story

To tell you a little about myself, I’m a 47 year old mother of three and Grandma to 6 one deceased, so my health is important. I am active with my family and my church. The reason I contacted the United Breast Cancer Foundation is because after 18 years of employment with good benefits I was laid off. I am now working a job 20 hours a week, so money is tight. My husband is on 4 medications from the doctor. He lost his job do to a tornado that went through or town in March. He is having a hard time getting a job – not to many places want to hire a 50 year old. My part time job can’t pay for everything and I had no idea how much a mammogram was going to cost without insurance. I want to thank UBCF for all the assistance. Thank you!