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When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, I went numb.  About 2 weeks into treatment, I was introduced to cancer services, a wonderful organization.  The reality of all this was breast cancer has been in my family for generations.  My great grandmother, grandmother, my mother and now me.  Around the time I first found the lump, my grandmother was dying.  My mother had fallen into a deep depression and she just stopped living.  My daughter was told she had a heart murmur.  We thought it was small enough to repair with and inflated balloon, the balloon went through the hole.  She had to be prepped for open heart surgery.  Time passed and she recovered (by the grace of god).  You see at the time, thinking about me was not an option.  I was suffering with a lot of back pain.  I changed shoes, bras and even got a new mattress.  It didn’t help.  One day at work I found myself very short of breath, I left work and went to the hospital.  I went through a CAT scan and then the Dr. saw the breast cancer.  He referred me to the cancer center, where I received treatments.  There is not a cure, but I am grateful that it is manageable.  Then I was introduced to UBCF and their support system.  UBCF reaches out to us when we feel helpless, confused and scared.

I lost track of my responsibilities, family, work and my household.  My finances were in trouble and I had no medical insurance, less income mainly and unable to pay my bills.  UBCF is a foundation that every woman, mother, sister, aunt and niece should know about.  At this rate of breast cancer in our society today, we all know at some point will know someone affected by breast cancer.  I am truly grateful to be a recipient of the United Breast Cancer Foundation’s Individual Grant program.


Thank You,

Karen H