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UBCF Testimonial

I found UBCF through a certified thermographer.  I am so grateful that she
referred me to your organization, as my insurance carrier, Horizon, does not
cover thermography.  I would not have been able to receive this personally
preferred method of screening.  I remember my GYN years ago offering thermal
pads to put on for 15 minutes, & then they would read them. He had to
discontinue this service because insurance companies wouldn’t pay for it.

I was recently reminded of this alternative method, and searched for a
thermographer.  They are unfortunately, very scarce in my area, most likely
because most women can’t obtain this scan due to their insurance carrier’s
unwillingness to pay toward it.

The Breast Screening Program through the United Breast Cancer Foundation made
it possible for me to have a thermogram.

I am going in a couple of weeks for my 90 day comparison, which they again will
provide financial assistance for.  There is an area on my left breast, where
I’ve had duct hyperplasia removed already, that shows a possible issue.  I’m
hoping it’s just scar tissue/adhesions where the previous biopsy, which the 90
day repeat will help to determine.

I am fortunate, if this area has continued to enlarge over the past 3 months, to
be able to address it NOW, vs. it not showing up on a mammogram or ultrasound
for who knows how many years, when it would be at the full-blown cancer stage.

I am so grateful & thankful to the United Breast Cancer Foundation for providing
financial support to allow me what I feel is a much safer, and much better
method of testing.