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mammograms for breast cancer

Working with UBCF  was a truly wonderful experience. You showed such compassion and concern. You were like a really good friend, always responding to my phone calls and helping me to have this very important breast exam. I am 64 years old and have faithfully had my mammograms performed every year, until two years ago, when my husband lost his job and our health insurance. He was old enough for Medicare, but at 62 I was not eligible.  Getting insurance for me, with my history of a heart condition & diabetes was much to costly for us. So suddenly after all these years I found myself with no insurance and only our social security and my part time job as income.  My family has a history of Colon cancer and that was a test I had to have, so I elected to pay out-of-pocket $1,600.00 for that procedure, but that left me with no way to have a breast screening which by now was 2 years over-due.

One night I received a phone call from a very nice gentleman asking for donations for UBCF.  I pledged $50.00 and asked him again to explain exactly what UBCF used these donations for and realized I might fall into the category of those women that needed assistance.  He told me he would send me the information necessary to see if I would, indeed, qualify.  As it turned out I did and I am so very grateful for all that you have done for me and my family.

My test came out negative and I no longer have the worry of not knowing.

I will be 65 in August and will have Medicare. I will continue to support UBCF as much our finances will allow so that more women that find themselves in similar circumstances will have the benefit of your services.

Again I thank you for all that you do,