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“This year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was devastating news. Last year, my husband Tony, died of brain cancer. He had been otherwise healthy, and we didn’t see it coming. One day he had a brain seizure. Five months later, after trying surgery and every treatment possible, he passed away.”

In the midst of tragedy, UBCF came into contact with Donna after she had expressed interest in donating her used car to the foundation. Little did she know, she would be on the receiving end of UBCF’s services a few days later.

“While I was recovering from a bilateral mastectomy, Denise [my sister] was in contact with the United Breast Cancer Foundation, arranging help for much needed repairs on my house. My roof was in bad shape, and my husband Tony was unable to finish a job siding one end of my house. Also, our upstairs bathroom was in very bad shape, sometimes water would leak into the main floor bathroom. These jobs were handled beautifully through the United Breast Cancer Foundation.”

UBCF’s giving didn’t end with her home repairs. UBCF continues to provide Donna with complementary cleaning service for her home. Additionally, Donna’s son was granted a scholarship to help continue his college education. UBCF in honored to serve the brave single parents fighting breast cancer.

“The United Breast Cancer Foundation has unexpectedly come into my life and made a big difference in my well being. I will be eternally grateful to them for all their help.”