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I found The United Breast Cancer Foundation through my daughter, Frances, diagnosed at age 31.  (HER2+)

She had not learned about your services until after her recovery from mastectomy and chemotherapy, unfortunately.

Looking back, it could have released such a burden of stress from her shoulders.  Nonetheless, she made it through her treatments, and now advocates for my health.  She is my guardian angel standing right by my side as I went for this invaluable test.  She calls it “the crystal ball” and rightfully so.  I didn’t know about the subclinical changes to breast tissue that occurs in the very beginning stages of a cancer formation before a tumor is even formed!


Today my daughter is truly healthier now than she’s ever been in her whole life.  She follows a strict, healthy eating regimen and because of her so am I.  Her favorite saying is “It’s what you leave out.” Through her afflictions, she’s helped to transform my life at age 60.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank the United Breast Cancer Foundation for your generous reimbursement opportunity.