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Dante was a 2018 King’s Creek timeshare give-away winner. He and his girlfriend traveled to historic Williamsburg, VA in March to enjoy some time together. Below are some words from Dante about his very personal experience.

This trip was something that really helped me. It felt like all I could do was keep going through the motions and hopefully I could get “back to normal”.
This trip however made me remember when I was little, and I would take trips with my parents and actually go places back when we could actually go places together. I saw museums and signs and penny stamping machines, but to me everything I saw looked like a memory I had already made with my mom. I miss her so much, but this reminder of my childhood, when everything was normal, it felt good to remember how she was when she was healthy. I know she wanted us to all remember her healthy and I have been having the hardest time of that. It feels like she was sick for so long that I couldn’t remember anything but that.
This trip helped remind me how how she wanted to be remembered. Thank you so much for this gift,
Thanks again, Dante O.