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donate your vehicle to breast cancer

I heard about UBCF by attending a seminar on woman’s health issues given by a speaker named Dona Garofano.  She is a doctor of Naturopathy and was very informative.  I have also been interested in thermography after reading a book on menopause by Dr. Christiane Northrup.  She made me feel that it is safer to
use this method of screening. The screening was done at the place where I have done some work on getting healthier ( a wellness center.)

I needed assistance as my insurance company turned down my request for reimbursement stating that is is experimental.  Being a single parent and teacher who works with low income students, I spend some of my income on my class to make it a better experience for them as they are multi-handicapped.  I
have no extra money for things such as thermography but feel it is a safer way to screen breasts.  I also have very dense breast  tissue which makes it hard for me to find lumps.  So this is a very reassuring method of screening for me.

My results were good and this was reassuring as it would show any cancer before
a mammogram would. I know that I continue to need to have a second screen done
for a proper baseline, but overall I look healthy.  There is something they are
looking at that is a small concern, but hopefully it is just nothing.  I also
feel that i get less radiation this way than from the mammograms.  I realize
there could be a need for a mammogram someday, but it is not necessary at this

This procedure is very simple and pain-free.  Also, I have a family history of
cancerous tumors and we don’t know why all these tumors have affected my
extended family.  So I feel that this screen is very reassuring to me.  It
reduces the stress hormones which I know are harmful.  I know there are so many
women diagnosed with breast cancer, and I truly find comfort that this screen
displays any signs of it long before a mammogram does.  That is reassurance
with a capital ‘R’ for me.

So thank you so much for helping me with the reimbursement of this procedure, as I could not afford it without your help.