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UBCF Testimonial

I learned about UBCF through Mary Flowers, Patient Navigator, at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC.  Mary had told my friend, Belinda, about your services.  UBCF had helped Belinda, so she and Mary thought I should give it a try.  I was really down on my luck.  We were not earning enough to cover all the bills.  If I paid my house payment, I could not buy my medicine or pay the rest of my bills, not to mention the hospital bills.  It seemed like the more I paid the hospital, the bigger the bills became.  UBCF came to me just in time.  It was close to Christmas and my job was going to be shut down for two weeks.  One of those weeks, I would not be able to draw from unemployment, which meant no house payment.  UBCF informed me they would pay half my house payment, one hospital bill and would give me fifty dollars a month for gas for 6 months.  I was truly blessed!  Had it not been for UBCF, I don�t think I would have a home to live in today!