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Dear UBCF,

I want to thank you for being there for me and assisting in a time of need.   I thought being diagnosed with breast cancer was hard to accept.   Not until it metastasized did I realize how sick I really was.   I was someone who always worked for my family.   Now I can’t work, not much I can do now.   The neuropathy is causing my feet and hands to hurt.   The numbness continued in my feet and hands.   I also have lymph edema in my left hand and arm.   I am still undergoing chemotherapy which has a lot of side effects.   One day I had to pick up medicine and realized my money was gone.   It had been stolen.   I was lost, I tried to explain to my landlord but he was not hearing me.   Now I couldn’t pay my bills and this goes on the next month as well and my landlord is now threatening me with an eviction notice.   So now where do I go and where do I stay?   I was stressing so hard I was getting sick.   I couldn’t focus on getting better.   One day I decided to search the internet for financial assistance.   This is how I found United Breast Cancer Foundation.   I filled out the Individual Grant application and explained my situation to UBCF.   After UBCF received my application I spoke with Jennifer Spina who is a very delightful person and full of concern.   Without UBCF’s financial assistance I would be homeless now.   I don’t have anyone else to help me, no mother, father or siblings.

Thank you UBCF for being there for me.   THANK YOU!   Just knowing someone is in the world that is still GOOD, and there to help someone who is struggling with cancer.


Thank You,

Bonita H