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Here at UBCF, we believe it is critical that a patient be treated as a whole person, therefore, we approach cancer prevention, treatment and recovery from a whole-body perspective.   UBCF encourages our clients to pursue pairing holistic and complementary techniques with cutting-edge western medicine.

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Cancer is often termed a disease,defined as an abnormal condition that impairs bodily functions.  However, we believe cancer is also a “dis-ease” where the body is out of its natural state of “ease”, harmony and balance.  Working with the mind-body-spirit connection is just as vital as treating the tumor.  Clients who apply for Holistic Care can expect to receive assistance with some of the following services: diet and nutritional counseling and supplements, counseling, mind-body therapies, energy healing, reflexology, lymphatic massage and acupuncture.  Services are tailored to individual needs and are conducted alongside conventional treatments.

Holistic Care Individual Grant Application 2017

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