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Art & Fundraising Event August 13, 2015

On August 13th, 2015, the United Breast Cancer Foundation hosted “The Faces of Breast Cancer” at the LaMantia Gallery in Northport, NY.  “Faces” was an art exhibition featuring portraits of women whose body has been affected by breast cancer.

UBCF promotes body positivity in the breast cancer community and shows support for what women experience during all phases of their breast cancer journey.

UBCF partnered with French photographer Pascal Latil along with partners Isabelle A Lake and Lilas Magnolias, who are all currently living in overseas, to create a collection of powerful photographs.  Latil explained, “We are professionals of the fashion and entertainment [industry].  We wanted to raise awareness to the problem of cancer to fashion- it is a profession where one does not speak of this and as our work is to make images, we wanted to do with what we do best.”  Together, Latil, Lake and Magnolias are hoping to start an organization that bring awareness to breast cancer in France.