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Team UBCF Reflects on the Combined Federal Campaign

Stephanie Mastroianni, Executive Director

“My fisrt CFC event was in Providence RI. The event was about 15 minutes from where my Mother grew up. I was emotional, nervous, wanting to be sure I’d say all the right things about UBCF. I asked all the attendants as many questions as I could to be as prepared as possible. When it came my time to speak, I was overwhelmed with how my life had taken me full circle, back to my mother’s hometown, where I shared the best memories a kid could have of playing on the shores of the rocky RI beaches and I don’t remember a word I said, except ‘Thank you all for listening, coming and doing the work you do’. I apologized for going off my planned speech, and I was embraced with hugs and pats on the back afterward for what a moving speech I had given on behalf of UBCF.”


Jennifer Spina, Lead Program Manager

“My overall experience with the 2014 events in the CFC seemed to be a bit different than those I attended in 2013. The events I attended this year were all in NY and last year was NJ. NYC CFC and SEFA events were all positive, and the employees seemed interested in UBCF and the other organizations represented at the events. I really enjoy attending the events because I love speaking with people about the great things that UBCF does for so many. As I speak to each individual or group regarding our programs and how we assist each client and the special care we provide each and every client, it seems to peak their interest. Many say to me I did not know you existed I wish I knew you did, when ‘I” or my “friend”, my “sister”, you get the point. Someone always knows someone who has been a rough spot because of breast cancer or any other serious illness and that allows them to relate to how we can assist. I am proud to let people know of what great things we do each and every day and love that they are willing to donate to us. CFC has been a positive experience and I look forward to the many years of supporting the CFC and UBCF through the campaign years to come.”


Francesca Bordei, Program Manager

“My experience with the CFC events this year has been positive.  I really enjoyed meeting new people and explaining who we are and what we do. It was also wonderful when I got to meet people who have been touched by breast cancer and listen to their experiences and offer them support.”


Beth Reichart, Director of Operations

“The CFC has been a very meaningful experience for me over the past several years.  I’ve attended kick-off events, speaking events & charity fairs during the entire CFC season in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C..  Nearly every single person I speak with shares a touching personal experience relating to breast cancer – I always have tissues with me!  I am so grateful to all of the Federal and State employees for your service and commitment and for choosing to support UBCF through the CFC – we are here for you!”