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The United Breast Cancer Foundation is pleased to introduce the Treatment Journal package! This is exciting – because this is a valuable and free resource to those who are fighting this deadly disease. (A direct link is underneath the “Health” section on the top navigator bar.)

What is this package?

It is a set of documents made available to you so that you can keep track of medications, treatments and doctor appointments. Cancer isn’t simple – I speak from experience. I was one of two caretakers for my mother – who was diagnosed with breast cancer. To my family, cancer came as an unpleasant and devastating surprise. To our knowledge, our family history didn’t have cancer – sure there was heart disease, high blood pressure and all, but cancer? We were in disbelief. We were complete novices when my father and I first started taking care of my mom. For the eighteen years that I knew her – she was always taking care of us.

This journey was stressful and emotional – cancer is nothing like the common cold. There’s multiple doctor appointments, scans, treatments, etc. And each appointment is more important than the last. That’s why UBCF offers to you, this Treatment Journal. There is a printer-friendly version for those of you who don’t have the time to constantly be on the computer and an exact copy for your computer. I suggest for you to use both.


You may go for a second, third, fourth opinion. You may change hospitals. There may be times where you may go to the emergency room. Wouldn’t you like to have your records so that you can begin treatment rather than wasting time for all the doctors to play catch up?

That is exactly what this resource is designed to do. You have control of your medical records. So when you go for that second opinion, third, fourth opinion – the doctor(s) won’t have to waste time administering repeated scans. When I created one for my mother – it was extremely helpful. My father had her scans and the results of her scans available for the doctor to see – all on his smartphone. When my mother was in the emergency, the “Living Document” helped the staff know her condition, which arm to not touch, and more importantly, what medication to give/not give.

So use this resource and take some control back from cancer. Stay strong and keep fighting this fight!

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